Coaching Requirements

  • CURRENT USA HOCKEY (USAH) REGISTRATION NUMBER- This must be renewed each year, in order for coaches to be on a SHSHA roster. This should be completed prior to August 1st for the upcoming fall season. Numbers should be emailed to the SHSHA registrar.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

  • CURRENT CEP LEVEL-USAH REQUIRES Yearly advancement of the "Coaching Education Program" (CEP). There are five coaching levels (1-5). The level 4 course is usually only offered a few times per season and requires travel. If you are required to travel, travel expenses will be reimbursed by SHSHA. If you have achieved level 3 and have renewed level 3 one time, you must advance to level 4. Coaches may only take one level course per season. Once you achieve level 4 or level 5, renewals are not required. Courses must be completed by 12/31 to remain active for the coaching season. Should you fail to schedule the appropriate course and your CEP expires, you will be prohibited from coaching, no exceptions.  CLICK HERE FOR COURSE LISTING

  • AGE SPECIFIC MODULE-COACHES Must complete an online age specific course for the level you are coaching at. You only need to take any level once, but if you coach at a new level the following year, you must complete the next module for that level. (MODULES INCLUDE: MITE-8U, SQUIRT-10U, PEE WEE-12U, BANTAM-14U, MIDGET-19U) CLICK HERE FOR AGE SPECIFIC MODULES

  • BACKGROUND SCREEN-You must submit a new background screening every two years. If you are unsure if you need to complete it, please ask the Registrar. Please allow for at least two weeks for your background screening to clear. You will not be able to be placed on a roster or coach until the screening is complete. We recommend completing your screening by August 1st to allow enough time for it to clear.  PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR BACKGROUND SCREEN.

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